Software Development based on solid project architecture and scalable systems
Mobile Development for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and other devices including phones and tablets
Responsive Web Development that is Cross Browser Compatible
Generate revenue from your website or mobiel application through e-commerce
Search engine optimization for your for higher search rankings
Services Technologies

All Services Business Analysis

Solid Business Analysis is the foundation for all new projects!

Reduce project risks, resources and time with effective business analysis best practices! Etanova performs business analysis for all its projects.

All Services Marketing

Spread the News with Effective Marketing Strategies!

Stand out from the crowd by creating a unique brand identity in your market niche using Etanova's marketing best practices.

All Services Graphic Design

Reach out to Your Target Market with Amazing Graphic Design!

Reach more people with graphic designs by Etanova based on Color Theory, Usability Heuristics, Effective Typography and Gestalt Psychology

All Services Website Development

Create a Dynamic Website Experience for your Users!

Create responsive and search engine friendly websites that are compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

All Services Mobile App Development

Reach More Users Through Mobile Development!

Reach more users through hardware accelerated mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other platforms.

All Services Search Engine Optimization

Help People Find you Through SEO Techniques!

Boost traffic to your website with effective SEO strategies including: On/Off Page SEO, Microdata, Analytics, Social Media Integration etc.

All Services Software Development

High-Performance Systems with Solid Software Architecture!

Develop software more efficiently using scalable enterprise system software development based on solid project architecture and business analysis.

All Services Database Management

Reliable and Maintainable Databases!

Create high performance custom designed databases based on scalable architecture patterns. Relational (RDBMS) and No-SQL databases available.

All Services E-Commerce

Reach New Target Markets and Lower Business Costs by Selling your Products and Services Online!

Sell products and services online with secure payment transaction processing and content management systems (CMS).

All Services Reporting

See what's going on Under the Hood with Comprehensive Reports!

Generate meaningful real-time reports and obtain aggregate information from database or analytics data, by Vancouver company Etanova.

All Services Web Hosting

Manage your Hosting Services through Etanova!

Host and manage your website and IT systems through Etanova's server infrastructure.

All Services Security

Create an impenetrable security system for your software application!

Create a custom tailored multi-level security solution for software systems. Keep all application features without compromising the system.

All Technologies HTML 5

HTML 5 websites and rich web applications that are built using the newest browser features for efficient hardware acceleration and semantic structuring of data.

All Technologies Scripting

Develop Web 2.0 web browser based software through dynamic web applications and widgets using JavaScript libraries like jQuery or frameworks like Angular.

All Technologies Web Services

Communicate efficiently between client and server devices using modern data interchange technologies and applying fall back methods for legacy devices.

All Technologies Front End Frameworks

Take advantage of robust frameworks that provide ready-to-use features that can setup website layouts without coding everything from the ground up.

All Technologies Charting APIs

Display data in a way that makes sense to users through interactive and intuitive charting technologies that can display a web application's data.

All Technologies .NET Framework

Maximize application development efforts through integration of diverse .NET technologies, a consistent programming model, strong security, assemblies etc.

All Technologies JAVA

Develop portable software that will run on any modern platform through JAVA's JIT Compiler. Create powerful web applications using modern JAVA Frameworks.

All Technologies PHP

Build websites and applications using the most popular programming language for website backend development with extended functionality by modern frameworks.

All Technologies Python

Create powerful software architecture by accessing a diverse set of modules and libraries and developing together with a modern web framework.

All Technologies iOS iPhone and iPad

Apps for the world's most popular AppStore accessed by the largest mobile user base. Use hardware accelerated features specifically for iOS applications.

All Technologies Android Phones and Tablets

Develop for the world's most popular open source platform and integrate mobile applications with hundreds of existing Android compatible mobile devices.

All Technologies Windows Phones and Tablets

Unlock new Windows Mobile OS features including cross platform compatibility, quad core support, Azure API Services and a robust .NET compact framework.

All Technologies Hybrid Frameworks

Create hybrid mobile apps with Cordova or PhoneGap to deploy applications on all modern mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.

All Technologies Relational Databases

Organize large amounts of data that scales efficiently and process querying of complex relationships. Integrate databases into existing software applications.

All Technologies No SQL Databases

Optimize the processing of persistent storage with a unique NoSQL solution that ensures maximum database performance for software applications.

All Technologies Load Balancing

Handle large amounts of system requests by configuring a load balancer to distribute processing of work optimally to network nodes.

All Technologies Virtualization

Optimize hardware resources with an effective virtualization configuration to maximize the possible amount of optimal virtual instances for the platform.

All Technologies Mail Servers

Keep emails private with self managed mail servers that integrate well with external client devices and with existing network configurations.

All Technologies Amazon Web Services

Amazon is the global leader in cloud based architecture with the widest variety of intercompatible services and the widest range of region availability.

All Technologies Digital Ocean

Create a powerful custom developed cloud based architecture using DigitalOcean for the most economic cloud solution available on the market, yet powerful enough to facilitate a robust infrastructure.

All Technologies Payment Solutions

Accept credit card payments and other forms of electronic fund transfers securely and with no liability from web or mobile applications.

All Technologies Shopping Cart

Create online shopping for websites and mobile apps through the customization of online orders from a catalogue of products and services.