Display complex datasets in a way that makes sense to front end users through web based charts. Charting APIs offer many options to attach existing web application data to various charts, graphs and illustrations. Some advantages to using charting technologies include:

Bind data to a web application's Document Object Model and then apply data-driven transformations to the document, resulting in manipulation of a web application's interface based on some arbitrary data. D3 Charts has very little overhead and is extremely fast in comparison to other charting frameworks.

Create truly interactive charts that respond to mouse events such as hover and click. Dynamic charting allows users to modify series and points or modify axes by interacting with the chart. Highcharts is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, and also backwards compatible with legacy web browsers including back to Internet Explorer 6.

Maximize cross-browser compatibility with Dojo, which will attempt to use a graphic technology best compatible with the user's web browser. Dojo defaults to SVG, and then attempts to use Canvas, then VML then Silverlight in that order. Using Dojo is an ideal end charting toolkit to generate web application critical charts and diagrams.