Deploy web applications on Digital Ocean's high performance Linux OS cloud instances (called droplets). Create a custom designed droplet by choosing from a selection of hardware resources, regional availability and pre-installed software including a Linux distribution and other optional software packages. All droplet instances offer SSD hard drives for extremely fast I/O performance. Once configured a droplet can be created in less than 55 seconds with immediate root access. Digital Ocean is an ideal solution for:

Send traffic between droplets located in a specific regional datacenter using Digital Ocean's internal private network. Any data interchange performed over the private network does not contribute to droplet bandwidth usage. Private network traffic also benefits from extremely fast speeds. It is ideal for database replication, file storage, and host-to-host communication.

Multiple snapshots can be made for a droplet to save a copy of a particular droplet instance at a particular time. Digital Ocean snapshots are backed up remotely to Amazon Glacier cloud service for as an added layer data redundancy. Snapshots can be used to restore an existing droplet to the snapshot, or in the creation of a new cloned droplet.

Manage droplets and other resources using Digital Ocean API, for a programmatic solution to completing any action that can be performed manually though the account control panel. The API is accessed over standard HTTP requests using wrappers that can be useful for integrating the API into a software application. Using the API, autonomous or event driven actions can be performed to update or manage the system infrastructure without requiring manual intervention. An ideal use for this to offer to clients software products that are created and customized on-the-fly in an isolated virtual instance.