Optimize the use of hardware resources with effective virtualization strategies that will maximize the possible amount of performance for a physical device in such a way that more users have access to the device in separate virtual instances. Virtualization has many benefits such as:

Manage truly portable virtual instances with Oracle's Virtual Box, an open source type 2 hypervisor virtual machine. Create multiple virtual instances in a host environment and migrate them seamlessly to another. The virtualization software is further enhanced by cross platform compatibility which allows virtual instances to run hosted on the virtual machine under various modern operating systems (including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).

For enterprise level system architecture, leverage the power of VMware vSphere, a suite of type 1 hypervisor virtual machine software. The powerful hypervisor can be used to create a virtualized private cloud infrastructure through a bare metal native hosting environment. vSphere features a small memory footprint, efficient resource virtualization, advanced memory management, resource management, scalability, interoperability, and other enterprise level benefits.