Create Hybrid mobile applications that will only be coded once and deployed to all modern mobile operating systems. Hybrid frameworks encapsulate web applications written in HTML, CSS and JS in native mobile apps. To end users, no distinction can be made between a native app or a hybrid app. Hybrid applications are an ideal solution for projects that are not dependent on hardware acceleration, such as video games or other visual animations. Use hybrid frameworks to access a phone's operating system features including: camera, GPS, contacts, etc.

Use Apache Cordova for a solid hybrid framework developed and maintained by the Apache Foundation. This open source framework has several other prominent frameworks that are built from it including PhoneGap, Ionic and Titanium, where each extension attempts to add its own style or proprietary features.

Develop with Adobe PhoneGap, as one of the leading developers of hybrid frameworks. Adobe was the initial owner of PhoneGap before offering it to Apache for free so that it can be Open Sourced and standardized. Now, Adobe PhoneGap extends Cordova adding additional features that may be beneficial to some projects.