Develop for Android mobile operating system, the world's most popular open source platform. Integrate Android mobile applications into hundreds of existing Android compatible mobile devices, with new devices constantly in production. Android application development has no restrictions on the developed software, and thus allows for various applications with no recurring license expenses. Application deployment and revisions are free and are not time consuming.

Develop using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), a powerful development framework that can deploy to hundreds of compatible mobile devices. The framework uniquely utilizes the hardware capabilities of each device for optimal performance. It also adapts an applications user interface to best suit each device.

Use the Spring for Android Framework for Android mobile development. The framework features a REST Client and Authorization support for accessing secure APIs. As with all Spring projects, a key advantage to the framework is in how easily it can be extended. Other advantages include: detecting device information, building RESTful web services, form input validation, Messaging with Redis and JMS, accessing external APIs, etc.