Accept credit cards and other form of payments directly form websites or mobile applications. Online money transfers are performed by external internet payment companies through an API embedded into the local website or application. The companies processing the payments guarantee the transfers are secure through robust encryption algorithms. Furthermore, they accept liability for possible fraudulent activities.

Use PayPal as a widely accepted industry standard for electronic funds transfer. The company has the largest number of users registered for a internet payment company, allowing quick purchases in applications integrated with PayPal. Fortunately, PayPal does not require an account and allows anyone with a valid credit card to instantly make a purchase. Users with registered accounts can also make a payment through bank accounts, eChecks and personal PayPal accounts.

Leverage full control over customer e-commerce transactions using the powerful Stripe API. Using Stripe, the user never leaves the website or application as the API is fully integrated within it. The API allows custom control of each step of the e-commerce transaction: custom graphical user interfaces, form fields & messages, analytics on trends and conversions, etc.

Integrate Google Wallet into web or mobile applications using the Instant Buy API for a cloud-based technology that accesses, stores and processes payment information. Google Wallet easily stores debit cards, credit cards, gift cards etc. on mobile devices. Using Instant Buy APIs allows the integration of Google Wallet into mobile applications for instant transactions using the payment methods collected. Furthermore using the single Google account sign-in also allows web based users to easily make payments online using Google Wallet.

Use Apple Pay to instantly make a payment transactions on websites and web applications. Payments are made simple with TouchID, a mechanism in which funds are instantly processed on the phone by verifying the fingerprints of users. Apple Pay can be integrated into Stripe for instant processing of goods and services in custom mobile applications.