Take advantage of the new Windows Mobile OS with new interface features that makes it stand out from other platforms. The Microsoft Mobile operating system has software with which desktop users are already familiar, such as Internet Explorer, Media Player, Office, etc. Moreover, the behaviour and functionality is often similar to the Windows operating system. The platform also provides solid integration with existing Microsoft products such as Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Azure. Microsoft Mobile is a trusted development platform because of its enterprise-wide security policy.

The Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies development for the Windows mobile platform with a Phone emulator for desktop devices, and development tools integrated into Visual Studio. It also includes Microsoft Expression Blend for building complete user interface designs.

Maximize code reusability with the Windows .NET Compact Framework, designed to run on mobile devices with constrained resources. The framework has many of the same classes available on the full .NET Framework. Some libraries are specifically redesigned for mobile, as to use fewer resources.