Reliable and Maintainable Databases!

Structure your database in such a way that it can be modified without having to rework your system's software architecture. Not all businesses operate the same and this is reflected in how they store, collect and distribute their system data. Etanova will take a look at your unique project requirements and customize a creative and unique database that is both reliable and maintainable.

A relational database stores separate entities and relates them logically. It allows the information to be retrieved through a search query by joining bits of related information together.

While the traditional relational database works great for most businesses, it can have major drawbacks for certain systems that retrieve mass amounts of data in a single request.

When your system has massive amounts of information that must be accessed by a large number of simultaneous users, a flat database is often a good solution.

A system that has a high number of simultaneous users and a large amount of information, that must be accessible in real time, will require a distributed database solution.

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