Build websites and web applications using PHP, the most popular programming language for website backend development. Extend the functionality of PHP with modern frameworks which will implement industry accepted design patterns into web applications. PHP web applications are lightweight, easily portable and cross-platform compatible. Moreover, there are many other open source applications, libraries, frameworks, content management systems, etc. that can easily integrate into existing PHP projects.

Develop projects using the most highly voted PHP framework to date. Laravel is built on top of Symphony components, and and has dependency management powered by Composer. It boasts many great features including URL Routing, Blade Templating, MVC Architecture, Memcache Support, Authentication, Localization etc. Laravel provides features common to most enterprise PHP web applications to allow the rapid application of projects without reinventing the wheel.

For projects requiring extremely optimized performance, Yii is the ideal solution. The framework offers a wide set of advanced features including: AJAX-enabled widgets, internalization and localization, skinning and theming, web services, XSS / CSRF security, form validation, etc. Yii is also a very intuitive framework that minimizes the complexity of project software development.

Develop small to medium sized projects in Drupal, an enterprise content management system offering advanced features for creating dynamic web sites. Drupal has simple management of users, accounts, groups and permissions. The CMS also supports many content types including videos, polls, text, blogs, podcasts, statistics, etc. Furthermore it has extensive API support for several external services common to web applications.

Create simple websites or blogs with Wordpress, the world's most popular content management system. The CMS has thousands of plugins to support many common features in modern websites. There are also thousands of graphic templates available that can change a website's interface. Wordpress has a useful dashboard in which website moderators can make changes to the website without technical knowledge of programming or code.