Develop websites and web applications using modern HTML 5 technologies that will enhance user experience! Maximize web browser performance and create dynamic content that will be intuitive for website users.

A significant part of IT infrastructure can be moved to the front end with Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that deliver the features and functionality typically associated with platform dependant desktop software applications. RIA software runs inside the web browser and does not require the installation of additional software. Thus RIA powered web applications enable the portability and flexibility required by service oriented software development.

With hardware accelerated HTML 5 features, web applications have the ability of emulating a desktop-like environment. Use new features including

Add semantic meaning to HTML development with semantic web in order to provide a tool for other websites or search engines to make sense of the information presented on a website. Using semantic web methodologies as a form of effective Search Engine Optimization will help increase a website's search rankings and popularity on the internet.

New features are great until they are tested out on an older incompatible web browsers that provide limited support. Web applications that are backwards compatible are able to provide useful content to legacy web browsers.

A website that looks great is not enough unless the code also looks great. W3C Validated HTML will ensure that HTML 5 code meets the right specifications and that it does not violate W3C guidelines. A W3C Validated website has a much better chance of being cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.