Create a Dynamic Website Experience for your Users!

It no longer matters whether you buy a MAC or a PC. That is because most applications today run over the web. Websites are a powerful tool that can reach a variety of devices including traditional PCs, tablets and phones. It goes without saying that every business requires a website. However, most businesses use their websites as a form of business card or brochure. Take leverage of inbound marketing techniques by creating a dynamic website with which your visitors can interact dynamically!

Due to current political issues between web browser vendors, there exist compatibility problems between all web browsers. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the web. Even so, no web browser fully complies with the standards specified by the W3C. This results in web browsers behaving differently with content that they receive from the back end, possibly deforming the GUI.

Web browser compatibility is time consuming and yet a necessary evil for every web-related project. There is essentially no limit to how much compatibility work can be performed, however it is also not useful to ensure compatibility with outdated or obsolete web browsers. The amount of browser compatibility work performed will depend on your project and business strategy.

The web is a dynamic environment, as a website can be viewed on different devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, zoom levels, and interaction capabilities (i.e. touch or click). A web interface must thus also respond dynamically to all these variables. For example, if a user resizes a browser window, everything must continue to remain visible and presentable on the screen. Responsive design is a new concept, however it can save project resources considerably, as a website will only have to be developed once, and not multiple times for each environment or device.

Etanova ensures backwards compatibility for Internet Explorer up to version 6.0. This may be required for certain legacy systems. (Otherwise, we are not sure why you would ever require this)

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