Help People Find you Through SEO Techniques!

A great website deserves to be reached by a large number of people. Maximize your search engine ranking and the number of visitors to your website by facilitating effective Search Engine Optimization techniques.

A quick look through Google's Recommendations for Effective SEO reveals that Google (and other search engines) value the importance of well-designed website architecture. A web page must be created in such a way that its content is semantic (i.e. machine readable) so that search engines can return more relevant search results to users. Effective webpage architecture will thus increase a website's rank in search results and will result in incoming links from other websites. Some strategies for on-page SEO architecture and optimization include:

Equally important to these is avoiding typical SEO mistakes common on most websites that negatively impact search engine rating.

After On-Page SEO has been completed, there is limitless potential for Off-Page SEO. This is a creative process for gaining more people to find your website. There are many Off-Page SEO techniques, but the appropriate solutions will greatly depend on your type of website.

Web Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in user behavior. Analytics reveals more about your website's user demographics (e.g. age, location, language, etc.) Moreover, it provides an insight to what type of content users are searching on the system (e.g. page visits, visit duration time, popular and non-popular pages, etc.) Web analytics is not just a tool for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a web site. Analytics helps quantify trends for better facilitating the website to display more relevant content, and to refine the website's SEO techniques. To help facilitate marketing and SEO communication, web analytics reports can be created at regular intervals.

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