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Career Overview

We are a web & mobile software development company that creates projects from the ground-up using IT industry best practices based on the unique requirements of our clients. At Etanova, you will work on projects and with people that are going to provide you priceless experience and increase your value in the IT industry.

You are

  • A person with a great attitude
  • Passionate about technology
  • Searching to grow in your career
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • Capable of producing results without being micromanaged

We offer

  • Free coffee!
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Flexible work schedule with reasonable hours
  • Personalized mentoring and training
  • Your choice of equiment (laptop, monitor, etc.)
  • Competitive salary with room for growth

Please take notice that we offer distinct methods of collaboration:

Full Time Full time job, in office work, 8 hours a day on weekdays.
Part Time Part time job, in office work, ~4 hours a day on weekdays. Part time jobs may lead to full time job offers.
Freelance Casual freelance work that may be done remotely. Freelance jobs may lead to full time or part time job offers.

Contacted candidates will be asked to demonstrate the required skills orally or through a practical demonstration during an interview. We are looking for people with the right attitude and work ethic, so if your particular skill set does not match exactly with our job requirements, please do not be discouraged from applying: we will find a place on our team for the right person!

Etanova is a small company with big projects! Be a part of our growing team and you will have the opportunity to make an important impact on world class projects in industries that are difficult to reach. Diversify your skill set and explore your talents, while increasing your value as a developer with each project.

Apply Now!

If you are interested in applying for a job, please send your CV or portfolio to and include the following information:

  • The position that you are applying for indicated in the subject line
    (It helps us separate your email from other junk mail)
  • Your ideal job and what you would love to accomplish in your career
    (We'd like to offer you growth options in your areas of interest)
  • Your general work availability or schedule
    (Hours are flexible, but we'd like to have an idea of your availability)
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